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Past Projects

For more than two decades, clients have repeatedly engaged us to demonstrate their faith in our capability, experience, and sensitivity to their people and cultures. Hundreds of repeat market research and data analysis projects conducted by our teams attest to our dedication to our clients' growth.

Our Clients

Market Data Group LLC in Framingham, Massachusetts, works with an extensive list of clients in various industries. We typically partner with:

• Analysts
• Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) 
• Market Researchers
• Marketing Directors and Managers
• Mergers and Acquisitions  Teams
• Consultants 
• Financial Industry Analysts
• Senior Management Staff

SaaS Solutions Buying Trends

Our client wanted to find out the key decision makers involved in the buying process of software as a service for large and medium enterprises. We identified decision makers not only from IT departments, but also from functional sales, marketing, and financial groups to research the business' drivers and buying processes.

Our findings provided key valuable insights to our client's overall project deliverables. Unlike traditional market research providers, our understanding of the differences in managed hosting, managed services, and SaaS solutions allowed us to accurately identify the decision makers for SaaS providers versus similar sounding solutions.

Clients' Logos

Cloud Computing Impacts On Installed Base

One of our other clients was interested in finding out how their systems and storage business would be affected by the emergence of cloud computing. We provided in-depth market research after selecting different targets based on the complexity of their installed base in different industry segments. Preliminary analysis and recommendations were presented to our client on the best ways to counter the impact of cloud computing on their installed base as well as future sales efforts. Our team's deep knowledge of the end-to-end IT business, the possible risks or rewards of the technologies, and the ability to recruit the most qualified respondents allowed us to present a balanced view of the kind of workloads that would most likely be impacted by cloud computing.

Other Representative Projects

For a M&A project, we identified viable onshore and offshore acquisition targets for a global consulting and services firm. Our consultants collaborated with top four accounting and auditing firms for financial and legal aspects of the acquisitions. In addition, we performed due diligence on:

• Management Styles • Operational Synergies • Roadblocks • Post-Merger Accretive Business Impacts

Services Alliances for a Networking Vendor

Our team evaluated the level of interest of the CEOs of top 20 computer or services companies for establishing desktop, networking, and services alliances. We did so while maintaining the confidentiality of the client's identity.

Distribution Channels for an IT Vendor

Our scope goes even further. Our dynamic researchers conducted an in-depth business requirement analysis of the distribution channel for a West Coast IT vendor, renowned for their excellence in partner relationships.


"Market Data Group excels at getting the best possible primary research gathered from the best possible candidates. You and your staff are excellent at conducting detailed research and presenting clear results." — Ralph F., IT Consulting Corporation

"Over the years we have worked with Market Data Group. Repeatedly the team has exceeded both our and our client's expectations and turned in the highest quality work which consistently helped us in winning additional business." — Richard W.B., Director, Network Research, IT Consulting Corporation

"The professionals at MDG have a track record of creating some of the best senior management customer events that I have ever experienced. We closed many large opportunities soon after the event." — Kevin M., Director, Oracle Corporation

"You have really done a great job in maintaining the confidentiality of the situation and show sensitivity to our employees and to the culture of our company. All key risk, reward related issues were addressed. It was beyond our expectations." — CEO, Microsoft Solutions Company, Toronto, Canada

"You have done a very impressive...and very intensive job." — Colleen B., Systems Integration Company

"Your analysis not only was complete, but also outlined the global and country specific regulations, policies and HR issues that will be critical in the acquisition." — President, North American Division of a Leading Japanese IT Company, Edison, New Jersey

"Thank you for your team's hard work in delivering results to us prior to the deadlines that we set. The valuable information we gained was passed on to our sales team." — Byron B., Executive, IT Outsourcing Company

"This is an outstanding business plan. It has pulled together all the key strategies necessary for establishing a market leadership position." — Steve K., Vice President, Strategic Marketing, IT Systems Company